IAABO Foundation Chairs

An IAABO Foundation Chair will be established for any donation of $1,000.00 or more. It is truly an honor to be a part of the Foundation’s history by having a Foundation Chair established in the name of an individual or other contributor who supports the mission of the Foundation.

A Foundation Chair is also wonderful way to honor and forever remember someone posthumously.

All Foundation Chair’s are recognized at the yearly Spring IAABO Annual Meeting and a presentation is made to the recipient or person’s establishing a Foundation Chair.

For more information or to establish a Foundation Chair please contact Secretary/Treasurer Louis Engle , 2616 Lawson Rd, Fallston, MD 21047. You can also contact the Foundation by email at: contact@iaabofoundation.org

Listed below are those that have had a ‘Foundation ‘Chair’ established in their name:

Felix Addeo, Bd. 33 NJ
John Bellanti, Bd. 53 (NY)*
Bob Bernier, Bd. 8 (CT)
Charlie Bloodworth, Bd. 200 (GA)*
Ray Brown, Bd. 28 (MA)
Dr. Ron Brown, Bd. 4 (CO)
Haywood Bullock, Bd. 40 NY
Ted Butcher, Bd. 26 (MA)*
Mark Byron, Bd. 20 (ME)
Jack Cahill, Bd. 36 (NY)*
Peter F. Carroll, Bd. 9 (CT)
Edgar Cartotto, Bd. 33 (NJ) (2)*
Wilbert P. Cingolani, Bd. 54 (MA)*
Charlie Cook, Bd. 130 (MA)*
Connecticut State Board No. 5
Vincent Cronin, Bd. 27 (MA)*
Dominic Cuccinello, Bd. 33 (NJ)*
“GiGi” DeAngelus, Bd. 200 (GA)
Emilio Diotalevi, Bd. 208 (MA)*
James J. Dorsey Jr., Bd. 26 (MA)*
Jim Dorsey, Bd. 4 (CO)
Danny Doss, Bd. 225 (VA)*
Jack Doyle, Bd. 27 (MA)
Alice and John Doyle
Thomas Emmanuel, Bd. 60 (NY)*
Louis Engle, Bd. 23 (MD)
Donnie Eppley, Bd. 70 (PA)
Bill Evans, Bd. 157 (MD)*
Edward Ferrigno, Bd. 8 (CT)*
Lou Filippetti, Bd. 9 (CT)
Gerry Flynn, Bd. 44 (MA)*
Philip S. Fox, Bd. 12 (DC)*
John Frabotta, Bd. 208 (MA)*
Paul “Frosty” Francis, Bd. 6 (CT)*
Phil Fromuth, Bd. 67 (PA)
John Fouchet, Bd. 119 (NY)*
Nick Gaetani, Bd. 37 (NY)*
Bob Gamble, Bd. 12 (DC)
Joe Gaskin, Bd. 41 (NY)*
Gordon Gfroerer, Bd. 53 (NY)*
Joe Gintoli, Bd. 9 (CT)
Robert Grant, Bd. 127 (NY)
Howard Green, Bd. 52 (NY)
Stuart Greenburg, Bd. 9 (CT)*
Tony Haley, Bd. 117 (NH)
Al Halliday, Bd. 20 (ME)
Mike Hammond, Bd. 27 (MA)
Peter Hansen, Bd. 54 (MA)
Art Harmon, Bd. 194 (NJ)*
Robert Harper, Bd. 70 (PA)


Dennis Herbert, Bd. 211 (ON)
IAABO Past Presidents
John Karo, Bd. 54 (MA)
James “Buddy” Keaton, Bd. 37 (NY)
Dan Kosoff, Bd. 13 (GA)*
Bernie LaFortune, Bd. 44 (MA)
Patricia Laing, Bd. 192 (CAN)
Bill Loftus, Bd. 26 (MA)
Donald J. Lomme, Bd. 9 (CT)*
Paul “Jacky” Loube, Bd. 12 (DC)
Jon Lowe, Bd. 95 (MA)
Hank Luzzi, Bd. 10 (CT)
Dick MacKenzie, Bd. 105 (VT)
Kitch MacPherson, Bd. 112 (CAN)*
Massachusetts IAABO Past Presidents
John Mazzarini, Bd. 27 (MA)
Jamie McCaig, Bd. 107 (ON)
Gerald McGrath, Bd. 6 (CT)*
William “Skip” Mortimer, Bd. 54 (MA)
John Nucatola, Bd. 41 (NY)*
Timothy O’Brien, Bd. 44 (MA)
Stewart Paxton*
Walter Phillips, Bd. 129 (DE)
Tony Pianowski, Bd. 55 (OH)*
John Purvis, Bd. 42 (NY)
Tom Reese, Bd. 244 (MD)
John Reider, Bd. 70 (PA)*
Dennis Russell, Bd. 200 (GA)*
Henry Ryan, Bd. 28 (MA)
Anthony “Tony” Sabella, Bd. 52 (NY)
Jerry Salvato, Bd. 168 (NJ)
Gene Schaaf, Bd. 102 (ON)
Dr. Alvin Schalge, Bd. 4 (CO)*
Mike Schorn, Bd. 67 (PA)
Jack Schroll, Bd. 40 (NY)
A.W. “Tony” Senopole, Bd. 77 (PA)*
Josephine Senopole*
George “Pete” Sheehan, Bd. 95 (MA)*
Roger Sheridan, Bd. 105 (VT)*
J. Dallas Shirley, Bd. 12 (DC)*
David Smith, Bd. 4 (CO)
James Stark, Bd. 40 (NY)
Jack Sweeney, Bd. 40 (NY) (2)
Don Thorne, Bd. 210 (ON)
Nick Urzetta, Bd. 60 (NY)
Rocky Valvano, Bd. 41 (NY)*
Bill Varno, Bd. 36 (NY)
Dr. Ken Walker, Bd. 84 (RI)*
Peter Webb, Bd. 111 (ME) (3)

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